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Report Your Change of Address to the DMV & Voter Registration

You need to notify the Department of Motor Vehicles about your change of residence or mailing address for your vehicle, vessel, driver license, or identification card records. You must report a change of address to DMV within 10 days of the change. You could also use the same form to report a voter change of address, if you are already a registered voter and you still reside in the same county. You will not be issued new documents.

Things to know

DMV Contact Number by State:                  Click to view

DMV Mailing Address by State:                  Click to view

DMV Website by State:                                 Click to view

What do you need to complete your address change?

    1.  Your Social Security Number
    2.  Your State Driver License or Identification Car
    3.  Your Date of Birth

Step-by-Step Instruction

    1. Visit the website link given above.
    2. Select the state pertaining to your old address.
    3. Fill the Address Change Request form with the corresponding DMV.
    4. Make a copy of the Address Change confirmation for your records.


You cannot file the change of address with DMV if you:

    1. Do not have the corresponding State’s Driver License and/or State Identification Card
    2. Do not have a Social Security Number
    3. Have an Army Post Office or Fleet Post Office address
    4. Have an address outside of the United States


Reference: DMV – Department of Motor Vehicle (http://www.dmv-department-of-motor-vehicles.com)